The Problems Synonym – How to Handle Your Family

"When problems synonym with trouble arise, there is only one remedy – the solution." Martin A. Sullivan, M.D., former director of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the San Diego County Department of Mental Health. Dr. Sullivan is also a member of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and he is currently consulting with an individual and couple therapy center. He is the author of "The Power of Love: The Power of Yours to Change the Way Your Family Tells You think"


"A problem synonym for troubles in the family includes sibling rivalry, fights over sibling issues, sibling infidelity and sibling neglect, sexual abuse and spousal murder, and many other kinds of problems that come up time again in the family." John J. Graham, M.D., professor of pediatrics and family medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Graham is a former associate editor of the Journal of Pediatrics and an advisory board member for the Center for Advancing Public Health. He is the author of "Family Medicine for the Family."


“Many problems that are synonymous with domestic problems include emotional, physical or sexual abuse in the home. Children who are abused in their homes find it difficult to build healthy relationships and tend to develop emotional or psychological problems later in life. by "problems" we usually mean things like violence, emotional or psychological abuse, or neglect. The word "problems" does not indicate any specific behavior on the part of a family member. "


“My daughter has a physical problem. My daughter has severe asthma and needs special medications. My daughter gets angry when I don't buy her medicine and refuses to take it when I try to get her to take it. So my daughter's problem is anger and the physical reaction is asthma. ”Amy, mom of two little boys.


“I have two children who do not communicate with me. So my problem is in communicating with my children, and my son's problem is that he is afraid of me, because he is afraid of me! "


“My mother is a problem when it comes to communication. My mother is a person who keeps asking me questions for which I am not ready.


There are different types of problem synonyms, but all types of family problems require help, love and care from a loving person. If you think your family is in trouble, brainstorm what the problem might be. and get professional advice.


“My problem is that I am a little nervous and afraid around my children. Sometimes I don’t know how to treat my children, especially when they don’t feel well or behave badly. ” Lisa, mother of four children.



"I believe my problems are having an effect on my children. My children have some fears in regards to me and what they see about me, because they see that I do not always understand them.


"The problem I have with my husband is that he is not giving me the attention that I need. He is very difficult sometimes. and does not listen to me or understand me." Jennifer, mom of seven.


"My problem is that my husband is not listening. I think my husband needs to know that I love him because I am making him feel loved. I need to know how important he is to me." JoAnn, mom of six.


"My problem is that I do not think that I am doing a good job as a parent and I want things to change for me. I would like to have better communication with my husband and have more time to spend with my children." Jessica, mom of three.


"My problem is that we don't have enough money for the things that we want to do. So we go for the easiest things to get by." Karen, mom of four.


"My problem is that my husband is very difficult to deal with. He wants us to be perfect, but he doesn't always listen to me. When I don't know what to do, I don't know how to make him listen.


"My problem is that I am going through a divorce and my ex-husband refuses to let me go. It is difficult to see my kids grow up with someone else and move forward, especially when he won't listen to me." Kayla, mom of two.






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